Market Manager

Reporting to RVP, each Market Manager will oversee a region with annual revenues. Responsibilities will include operations, business development, and the management and retention of employees.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Business Development

1. Under the direction of the Regional VP and in accordance with company objectives, design and implement a plan for growth in the region.

2. Focus a minimum of 50% of the time on business development, including improving profitability, successfully attracting new clients, and breaking down silos to diversify and build service offerings to existing and new clients.

3. In conjunction with Sales and Marketing leaders, develop and implement business development solutions to ensure maximum penetration of the market. Architect creative solutions that leverage the unified Dent Wizard portfolio.

People Management

1. Create a productive working environment to ensure the achievement of individual as well as region-wide goals and objectives.

2. Ensure that managers in the region possess the necessary tools and training to identify and resolve people-related and performance management concerns in a proactive, respectful and fair manner.

3. Communicate regularly, consistently, effectively and candidly throughout the region.

4. Work with Human Resources and direct reports to attract, develop, and retain top talent.

5. Develop and implement plans to ensure that employees are appropriately developed to foster their personal growth as well as to optimize their contribution to the Company.

6. Identify performance issues early on and develop plans to address and correct the problem.

7. Responsible for managing multiple technicians.

Customer Relationships

1. Solidify relationships with existing customers, and develop relationships with prospective customers.

2. Drive business results by using strategic selling skills, including the ability to negotiate a business deal that creates a win-win for the customer and for Dent Wizard.

3. Understand customer’s financial goals and develop working relationship with the customer's senior financial organization to facilitate achieving positive business results.

Operations Management

1. Ensure effective and efficient operations. Address with expediency all aspects of concern particularly related to customers and areas of the operations performing below expectations.

2. “Right size” the business including streamlining management and optimizing allocation of resources across all sales channels (auction, hail, retail and dealer).

3. Work closely with direct reports/managers to support them in optimizing day-to-day operations.

4. Establish positive working relationships with fellow District Managers throughout North America and with the Home Office Staff.

5. Nurture and leverage relationships with and resources of the parent company, HIG.

Financial/Profit & Loss Responsibilities

1. Utilize quantitative tools and provide analysis to improve financial performance and reach profit goals.

2. Work with the Regional VP and the Controller to shape P&Ls and to perform market analyses for new projects.

3. Ensure the region is deploying Company resources profitably by evaluating and recommending investment decisions (headcount, coverage patterns, equipment, etc.).

Minimum Qualifications

1. Bachelors Degree or equivalent work experience required. Minimum combined total experience of five years in a leadership role.

2. Proven success in profitably managing a P&L of at least $2 million in annual revenues

3. Experience successfully managing both management and non-management staff of at least 20 people

4. Must be willing to travel overnight. 

5. Positive reputation in the industry based upon track record of business achievements

6. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain positive and productive working relationships with customers

7. Proven ability to increase revenues in existing accounts and to successfully sell into new accounts

8. Able to stand out with distinction among peers and among broader community leaders

9. Track record of optimizing profitability across all areas of responsibility, including previously non-profitable accounts/segments

10. Demonstrated ability to work across sales channels to create more value for the customer, company and employee

11. Enthusiastic and motivating leadership style proven to attract the best and the brightest

12. Flexible, resilient, diplomatic, tolerant, and able to break down silos for the greater good of the company

13. Credible and persuasive communicator and an active listener. Ability to empower others and to be a decisive leader

14. A track record that clearly shows successful implementation of business strategy and results

15. Demonstrated track record of leading and implementing change in a positive way